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Artemis Gallery Ancient Art is an ancient art gallery and antiquities dealer specializing in Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Pre-Columbian art, and collections of Near Eastern, Far Eastern and Oceanographic antiquities, as well as folk art, Spanish Colonial art, and many items in between. Our extensive inventory includes ancient pottery, stone, metal, glass, textile objects and Pre-Columbian art from South America, Central America and Mexico, as well as art from Greece, Italy, Rome, Egypt, the Middle East, China, India, Japan and the South Pacific. All antiquities for sale are unconditionally guaranteed authentic for as long as you own them.

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The Artemis gallery website is updated daily. To browse our current collection of ancient artifacts for sale, you can search by keyword or view items by specific culture. To receive free shipping on your first purchase, as well as notices about weekly new product additions and artifacts for sale as well as upcoming private sales from Artemis Gallery, please join our email list. Artemis Gallery Ancient Art provides appraisal services, TL Testing, as well as professional restoration, mounting and framing services. Looking to sell ancient art or artifacts? Artemis Gallery is always looking to expand our ancient art gallery. We buy or consign high quality antiquities and ancient art from all cultures. Please visit our antiquities dealer page for more information.